Life Imitates Art; or wait, what was it again?

It is true that all art is derivative, in the perspective of this author. After all, we all draw inspiration. While this is a subject of endless debate to pointy headed pretentious types, it seems to me that it is demonstrable fact.

Case in point - Anshe Chung, self proclaimed land tycoon of Second Life, and the flying penis helicopter of Garry Kasparov. Yes, the Russian chess grand master.
Warning, NSFW.

In 2006, fictional persona and Second Life 'tycoon' Anshe Chung was promoting her Internets business ventures in a live CNET discussion in their newly launched Second Life virtual 'headquarters' when, in lulz heard round the world, a cast of unsavory characters assaulted Anshe with a swarm of flying dongs.

Second Life is not a game, per se, so much as a internet cesspool filled with various quick-rich wannabees, sexual deviants, shut-ins, and (maybe) some creative folks too, I imagine. Depending on how you define art, Second Life may or may not meet the criteria, but certainly some people have used SL as a sandbox to push their steamy little turds of 'art' out.

However, no matter how you might define it, this is art:

Now, in 2008, in a curious case of life imitating art, some creative Russians expressed their disapproval of Garry Kasparov's politics in the best way they knew how: with a dongcopter.

This beggars the question - how long until the Russians invade? They have the technology.

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