Griefed is unleashed onto an unsuspecting world


Griefed is here to bring you the euphoric best and bowel venting worst of modern video gaming. Getting a little long in the tooth, it became inevitable that we would emerge from our caves to tell the damn kids to get off of our lawn.

Having been nurtured on electronica from an early age, expect us to vomit forth a cesspool of reviews, random opinion articles, rants against nothing in particular and possibly an intoxicated string of gibberish. We sincerely apologize ahead of time to all those who might be offended - but if we do bruise your tender sensibilities, please send us an email to tell us about it fuck off.

Our beloved pixel toys have evolved from mere blips and bloops to three-dimensional hyper realistic extravaganzas of real-time evisceration and nipple physics. A niche industry once, now the largest entertainment industry in the world - well, except, let's be honest, whoring - little video gaming is all grown up, though sometimes it seems, still living in the parent's basement.

The success of well made games built by gamers for gamers has resulted in a pervasiveness of video gaming within our consumer culture. One consequence, however, is that massive corporations have emerged from the void and consolidated holds over our beloved developers. Many have been consumed or turned into meaningless franchise shops where innovation is discouraged and no-one is allowed to smile, unless they are firing someone - in which case it is encouraged.  DLC marketing plans are developed before gameplay. Creativity? Vision? For the most part, those are quaint terms.

Granted, gaming is business. Big business. But do they have to be such fucking twats to be successful?

On the other hand, an absolutely brilliant indie scene has emerged thanks to the viability of digital distribution models, bypassing the meaningless marketing house publishers entirely. This excites me greatly for the future - games that would never be made at Activision or EA are being created because developers can now get their products into the hands of us enthusiasts without signing over their soul to their publisher. This makes the motley bunch of misanthropes and deviants here at Griefed happy, and they do not smile often.


We're gonna review games and shit here, son!

Oh, and fuck EA. Fuck Activision. Fuck Bobby Kotick, in particular.

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